Puppies 2016

puppies 2016
7:22 A.M on July 26,2016,marked the beginning of a miracle.7 actually!After a long night of waiting,our Dorka gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies,which are now chubby little critters that squirm around and have proved to be quite the vocal artists!


Hello hello!I have had the most exciting long weekend ever!Why,you ask?Good question! Well,early (like really early) yesterday morning,my mom and I flew in from Calgary,where the 2016 Junior Handling Nationals took place! It was so much fun! This was my first time going to the Nationals,and it was so different from anything I dared to imagine.

Zone Finals 2016

Hello hello everyone! Its been a great year,2016, so far, hasn’t it? Time races past, and January is suddenly June, with summer just around the corner. Speaking of this summer, I have some fantastically awesome news to share with you! On May 8th,

Girl Power

Hey!!!!!Me and Dorka had a pretty amazing weekend last week.No,we didn't go to any parties.In fact we didn't go anywhere close to a party.We went to a dog show.Can you believe it?:)Well we did,and we did pretty spectacular,not to toot my own horn or anything:)So we went to the Caledon Dog Show and it was really really nice.On the Friday we went for a junior handling training session and it really helped.I got some really amazing advice and it totally calmed me down.It's funny how I've been doing this for years and yet every time I show I just get this really nervous feeling.I do everything right technically but I'm like a robot.I have no feeling,no presence,no...pzazz!That changed!!!!!On Saturday we did really well and won our class for Junior handling,not to mention that Dorka got select in the championship ring!!!!!!!We didn't plan to return on Sunday but because we won our class for junior's we were invited for the invitational.So,on Sunday there we were again,in front of the beautiful starry red background showing.And we won.The whole invitational!Score!!!!!!!Dorka did just phenomenally,my little girl.She's all grown up:)The show itself was beautiful and I'm glad we went.The Breeder's classic was so interesting and there were some very consistent dogs.We're planning on going to my fav show,Elora Gorge soon.Hope to see some of you there!

We Are The Champions

Hello everyone! I am sooooo sorry for not writing for almost a year!!!! Time just seems to fly by,and what was once a week ago is now three months ago!But, I hope you can forgive me, because I have some amazing news for everyone. It has to do with this one girl named Caroline and her dog Dorka.(that's me by the way,Caroline not Dorka:)

Milton Show

Hello again!This time I am talking about a show I went to in September. The Milton show!It was raining heavily when we came. It was all gloomy but I was excited for
 junior handling especially. I wanted to try a breed I had never handled before!I was hanging out for a while and then I found a dog that I really loved. He was a
 Australian shepherd!A breed that I never handled before! I was so happy! He was so sweet  and kind and only a puppy. I took  him the ring for junior handling and
won my class. He just really was amazing!  I was so happy! I will not forget him or any other dog I have handled !I really hope to go to that show again!It
 really was a different show!


Hey everyone!Guess what?Come on,I know you want to know.At least guess.Come on,I bet you know.Fine,I'll tell you.Dorka has 4 points now!!!!!!!!She got one on Sunday at the Caledon show for taking Winners female and 3 yesterday at Elora Gorge for taking Best of Winners!We beat 5 dogs!She also got Best puppy of Breed!She doesn't get any points for that but boy was it fun!Today we won our intermediate novice class in Junior handling out of 6 dogs including Dorka!It was so much fun!There were many Junior handlers which is absolutely amazing!Anyone looking for a hobby with kids should really consider dog showing.It really is the best hobby ever.Satisfaction guaranteed:)I've also started making a list of breeds I've handled.I've got at least 15!Only a gazillion more to go:)Handling different breeds is so much fun but also very hard.For example,when i was handling Siberian huskies it took me three times in the ring to figure out how to set up and bait the dog.She was so patient though!We accomplished it in the end!I've seen many junior handlers with different breeds.It's amazing.If you're a junior handler I recommend handling various breeds. Funnest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well,thank you so much for reading this blog.I hope to write another blog soon but for now bye!

Caroline, Dorka & Lambada:)

December 29,2013

The Adventures of Caroline and Dorka

Hey everyone!Sorry I haven't written in a really long time.I'm just having so much funwith Dorka and Lambada!On Saturday we are going to Dorka's third show!!!!!!I'm so excited!It is the Caledon show and it's so far the biggest show she'll be going to.I'm really proud of her.The last show she went to she did really well!She didn't win anything but she was amazing!Every day we practice in the backyard.You should see her.She is so happy.She doesn't have a bad day!Her tail wags 24/7 and I swear she smiles.She's a little bundle of joy,here one second,there the next!It's contagious.Poor Lambada can't keep up!But she's doing just as well.Lambada is such a lady compared to Dorka,but I have to say Dorka does obey.Usually:)I just love her so much.We're best friends.

Show Training

Hello,hello!I am having the best time.We have picked a puppy and I am really loving her.The flashy fawn female that is exactly like her mom is our new show prospect!I really can't put what she does to you in words.She changes you and makes everyday a good day.But,truth be told,she's a little devil.Of course I love that!How can you not?:)We call her Dorka.It really does stick to her.It means little mischief,which as you can clearly see,is her life's purpose.She romps around without a care in the world.And you should see her when she starts wagging her tail!She shakes around,shimmying to the left,then to the right,trying to keep balance but instead tripping over her little feet!She is so adorable and everyone stops me to say how cute she is.Aren't they all?Exactly like her mom,I'm telling you,she just can't stop.The world spins around so fast and life is short so enjoy it to the fullest!I'm also having fun in the ring.On Saturday June 1st I went with a friend of ours and showed her dog in JuniorHandling!It was a blast!Okay gotta go,duty's calling.A puppy can't hold it in THAT long.I have to hurry before I have to clean the carpets:)

June 02,2013


Hush little puppies,don't say a word...Hello everyone!I'm so sorry I haven't written in a long while. It's been really hectic with 8 new arrivals. That's what I'm talking about,puppies!8 little guinea pig pups!We had 9 pups,5 males and 4 females. Unfortunately we had one that didn't make it. We called her Snow and whenever it does snow I know she's talking. They are just amazing. Last time I was only nine and had much to learn. Because of my previous experiences I have had an easier time helping my mom with the puppies.8 are a lot but each are so precious and so full of life .You never really take life in until these moments when youreally have so much joy you could burst. These puppies give me those moments everyday.You laugh so much you could cry. Anyway you'll see the pictures but we had 5 fawns,2 brindles and 1 white.The flashy fawn is just like her mother. It's amazing to see her play.She plays like a 3 month puppy and she's just 5 weeks now. Sometimes she does the funniest things and I have tears in my eyes.You really don't know until you experience the pleasure yourself.