FAQ I always believed that show boxer must have ears cropped. It seems that I’ve been wrong as you show a boxer with natural ears.

Indeed, as the C.K.C. Boxer Standard stipulates “ The Boxer's natural ears are defined as: moderate in size (small rather than large), thick to the touch, set wide apart at the highest points of the side of the skull and lying flat and close to the cheek when in repose. When the dog is alert the ears should fall forward with a definite crease".

Historically, in dogs used for guarding property such as boxers, cropped ears are thought to make the breed appear more ferocious; hanging ears are reminiscent of the naturally droopy ears of puppies, looking more cute than dangerous. Docking of the tail and ear cropping  are both procedures that have been subject to controversy in recent times. However, the decision completely rests with the owner's discretion. Lambada has been shown and winning points with natural ears.