What To Wear For Junior Handling

What to wear,what to wear? Have you ever asked yourself this question?
I can give you some tips on what to wear.First off,do not go into the ring with jeans and an old shirt.You have got to impress the judge. I don not mean high heel shoes or 3 hour hairdo`s. I mean a nice skirt and a jacket preferably a skirt that`s not too long but right above your knee`s. For boys I suggest a nice suit.It`s best if you have pockets.Second,it would be good if your clothing matches the color of your dog.If you don`t know what color dog you`re having it`s best if you wear white or black because they match every color. Last, like I said in thebeginning don`t wear high heels.The reason is because they can hurt you or your dog.That`s it for now but come back soon to see more tips and fun memory`s!

February 6 2011