Mission Accomplished!

OMG,OMG,OMGGG!I had the best weekend ever! I'm sorry I haven't written for so long but now I'm back .Let me tell about the Saturday that made my dreams come true. Me and momwent to the Guelph District kennel club show in Fergus. We had Lambada all ready to go andI was ready to go but with about 12 boxers altogether it was hard to keep spirits up. We went into the ring and I felt pretty good. I didn't know this judge was an international judge so when she picked Lambada over the other open class female I was extremely happy. Then we went into the ring with about 5 other female boxers. I got to say I did not think we would win but when she called Lambada,my boxer by the way,to be winner's bitch I was so stunned I could barely pet Lambada. I finally regained my thoughts and words and went for best in breed.Lambada and I got Best of Opposite but Lambada was already a champion. My mom was delighted and I was still amazed. We couldn't have done this without our caring and dedicated friends. It's the happy moments that I always think about when I go into the ring.Thank you for listening and remember anything is possible whether you are 10 ,30 or 60.It doesn't matter if you're dog is from over seas or not. From now on I will always believe in everyone and every dog. I'll write next time!

April 26 2012