The white one is such a gentleman. He's calm and respectable and if he wore a top hat and tail coat I swear he'd be an opera singer. His voice is so deep and sweet at the same time. The two other fawn girls are almost identical. They are so fun to watch but you instantly get mixed up. The two male fawns are something else. One minute their cool and collected and the next their jumping off the wall and I love it. The flashy brindle boy is so flexible and spunky but is the sweetest. He's kind of mischievous but when you pick him up he's an angel. A great dog for agility, I'm sure. The other brindle boy is full of life and always having a good time. It's funny how much you learn about each one without you knowing it.I couldn't be happier. They've been outside already three times.We still haven't decided which one to keep.Also I really like all the people that have wanted a puppy.All are so passionate and good at researching!Just to update,now I am in the intermediate novice category in Junior handling.The first time I went in I won my class!I won with a friend's boxer. Lately I have been working with Yorkies.I am learning about the toy group and I am amazed at the power that they have physically and mentally.They are so determined and they make you work until you get it right.You don't teach them,they teach you.This is all thanks to a special lady and I thank her very much.Well that's about it,thanks and see you next time!


June 02 2013