Show Training

Hello,hello!I am having the best time.We have picked a puppy and I am really loving her.The flashy fawn female that is exactly like her mom is our new show prospect!I really can't put what she does to you in words.She changes you and makes everyday a good day.But,truth be told,she's a little devil.Of course I love that!How can you not?:)We call her Dorka.It really does stick to her.It means little mischief,which as you can clearly see,is her life's purpose.She romps around without a care in the world.And you should see her when she starts wagging her tail!She shakes around,shimmying to the left,then to the right,trying to keep balance but instead tripping over her little feet!She is so adorable and everyone stops me to say how cute she is.Aren't they all?Exactly like her mom,I'm telling you,she just can't stop.The world spins around so fast and life is short so enjoy it to the fullest!I'm also having fun in the ring.On Saturday June 1st I went with a friend of ours and showed her dog in JuniorHandling!It was a blast!Okay gotta go,duty's calling.A puppy can't hold it in THAT long.I have to hurry before I have to clean the carpets:)

June 02,2013