Hey everyone!Guess what?Come on,I know you want to know.At least guess.Come on,I bet you know.Fine,I'll tell you.Dorka has 4 points now!!!!!!!!She got one on Sunday at the Caledon show for taking Winners female and 3 yesterday at Elora Gorge for taking Best of Winners!We beat 5 dogs!She also got Best puppy of Breed!She doesn't get any points for that but boy was it fun!Today we won our intermediate novice class in Junior handling out of 6 dogs including Dorka!It was so much fun!There were many Junior handlers which is absolutely amazing!Anyone looking for a hobby with kids should really consider dog showing.It really is the best hobby ever.Satisfaction guaranteed:)I've also started making a list of breeds I've handled.I've got at least 15!Only a gazillion more to go:)Handling different breeds is so much fun but also very hard.For example,when i was handling Siberian huskies it took me three times in the ring to figure out how to set up and bait the dog.She was so patient though!We accomplished it in the end!I've seen many junior handlers with different breeds.It's amazing.If you're a junior handler I recommend handling various breeds. Funnest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well,thank you so much for reading this blog.I hope to write another blog soon but for now bye!

Caroline, Dorka & Lambada:)

December 29,2013