Zone Finals


Hello everyone!I'm so sorry I haven't written in a long time but I have started again!I am going to tell you about a very special show where I was junior handling.
It happened in May and I was so excited. Do you know what is was?Well I'll tell you!It was the junior handling Zone Finals!If you don't know for junior handling when
 you win you get 100 points. When you are second you get 75 points,third 50 points and if you are fourth you get 25 points. Each region or area has their zone.
If you have many points you have a big chance of going to your zone finals. You compete with the best junior handlers in your area. I was there the year before
 and this year I went again. This time I went with Lambada,my dog. We were the only ones in my class. I think we looked pretty good!We didn't win over all but
it was still amazing and it's always a great experience. There were  pictures and everything. We got a formal certificate  and it was so much fun!Every junior
handler was very nice and really good. I hope I can go there again and whoever wants to get into your zone finals just keep trying your best and never ever ever
 give up!That's it for now!Thanks for listening!