Girl Power

Xelascon Dorka Royal Canin Show

Hey!!!!!Me and Dorka had a pretty amazing weekend last week.No,we didn't go to any parties.In fact we didn't go anywhere close to a party.We went to a dog show.Can you believe it?:)Well we did,and we did pretty spectacular,not to toot my own horn or anything:)So we went to the Caledon Dog Show and it was really really nice.On the Friday we went for a junior handling training session and it really helped.I got some really amazing advice and it totally calmed me down.It's funny how I've been doing this for years and yet every time I show I just get this really nervous feeling.I do everything right technically but I'm like a robot.I have no feeling,no presence,no...pzazz!That changed!!!!!On Saturday we did really well and won our class for Junior handling,not to mention that Dorka got select in the championship ring!!!!!!!We didn't plan to return on Sunday but because we won our class for junior's we were invited for the invitational.So,on Sunday there we were again,in front of the beautiful starry red background showing.And we won.The whole invitational!Score!!!!!!!Dorka did just phenomenally,my little girl.She's all grown up:)The show itself was beautiful and I'm glad we went.The Breeder's classic was so interesting and there were some very consistent dogs.We're planning on going to my fav show,Elora Gorge soon.Hope to see some of you there!