Puppies 2016

puppies 2016

7:22 A.M on July 26,2016,marked the beginning of a miracle.7 actually!After a long night of waiting,our Dorka gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies,which are now chubby little critters that squirm around and have proved to be quite the vocal artists!

This is our 4th litter, second from Dorka, and I’m so excited to see how they will grow.We have 4 males and 3 females,4 fawn and 3 brindle.There are three fawn males,one brindle boy,two brindle girls,and one fawn.They are adorable,as all puppies are, and extremely funny.The way they twitch when they sleep and yawn with those big big mouths is gorgeously cute.

As of now,they are one week old,and growing like weeds. Or should I say something prettier? Yes,they grow like little flowers,little daisies rising from the ground. Dorka is well,being a great mom and watching over her little ones.Lambada is also keeping an eye on them from a distance,and uncle Smokey(our very chubby cat) has no problem peeking his head into the whelping box to see how his adopted nieces and nephews (who he thinks are most definitely not as pretty as cats) are doing. Check out the pictures of them on puppy news,and we’ll keep you posted!