Our Kennel

Boxers Are Our Passion

On the day we exchanged our wedding wows we were not you and me, but us - George, myself, and Apollo, our 7 weeks old fawn boxer puppy, a wedding present from our friend. A companion who spent hundreds of hours trotting along the horses on the wooded trails, jumping over the fences in a style that made some show horses blush, and enjoying the company of kids and adults to no end. Fifteen years and two kids later, Lambada has joined our family. Offspring of the finest European boxer bloodlines, she has multi tasked, being a family companion, a show dog in both Championship and Junior handling rings, and a foundation bitch of our kennel.

We show for fun, and have fun showing. Team Caroline, our now 17- year - old daughter, and Lambada were well known sight in both rings. To learn more about their ring adventures and accomplishments click at Juniors Accomplishments and Caroline's Blog

We believe breeding purebred dogs involves certain responsibilities and is not to be taken lightly. The Latin term "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano', which means a sound mind in a sound body, is motto of our breeding program.

The art, science, and intricacies of the dog showing and breeding word might be or might not be learned on one’s own but Caroline and myself have been lucky to be mentored by such special dog people as Hailey Griffith, Joan and John Griffith, Lillian Wainwrigth of Glencotta Boxers, Christine Burton of Everlong Boxers,other members of Canadian boxer club, and Oakville and District kennel club who deserve a big Thank you.